Jan Gerber

Successful Founder in Mental Health, Aesthetic, and Preventative Medicine Industries

Jan Gerber has spent the last fifteen years building successful healthcare and medicinal centers in Zurich, Switzerland. He is CEO and chairman of Swiss Clinics Group, a diversified group of boutique clinics in Switzerland, providing state-of-the-art medical excellence, and he acts as CEO of Paracelsus Recovery, the world’s leading and most exclusive mental health clinic.

Driven by empathy, ambition, and a keen eye for detail, Jan is an expert in cutting-edge healthcare practices and healthcare innovation. He also advocates for a more compassionate understanding of how wealth negatively impacts our health. 

The Sunday Times:

The man the ultra rich call when they hit rock bottom.

“Money can’t buy happiness – it’s the opposite. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what your last name is – Pain is real!”

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Grow with Jan​

As CEO of the world’s most successful and exclusive treatment centre for ultra-wealthy individuals, Jan Gerber brings first-hand expertise, innovation, and insights to his audience.

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