Get Jan Gerber as a Speaker

Jan Gerber is a sought after speaker on mental health topics. He is a passionate and well-experienced advocate of compassion and awareness at the intersection of mental health and wealth or fame. Other areas of expertise are a holistic understanding of mental health, from understanding and treating the entire underlying complexity of factors, to modern treatment modalities such as psychedelic assisted therapy.

Specific areas of expertise and interests are as follows:

  • Mental Health & Wealth: the impact of significant wealth on mental health; therapeutic modalities, family governance and prevention strategies for families and family offices
  • Modern mental health treatment & psychiatry: integrating conventional, state-of-the-art medical and alternative treatments and therapies
  • Drug & alcohol prevention and regulation policies at national and international levels
  • CEO and entrepreneurs’ mental health
  • Psychedelic assisted treatment modalities in treatment of mental illness
  • Building and bringing to success of international specialist clinics

Grow with Jan

As CEO of the world’s most successful and exclusive treatment centre for ultra-wealthy individuals, Jan Gerber brings first-hand expertise, innovation, and insights to his audience.

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